&Beyond Vira Vira

&Beyond Vira Vira, a lodge situated on an organic farm in the Chilean Lake

Located in the heart of “Araucanía”, in Chile’s Lake District, the homeland of the courageous Mapuche people, breath-taking glacial lakes mirror the frosted tips of volcanoes and lush flora decorates national parks. Once a war ground, this area stretching over 99km², saw the Mapuche people resisting the advances of Inca and Spanish invaders. Thriving farmlands transformed into a tranquil tourist mecca, where a colourful intricately woven tapestry of quaint villages, such as Pucon is sprawled along the shores of the Villarrica Lake, near the active Villarrica Volcano. Evergreen rain forests, sparkling lakes, and massive Araucaría (or monkey puzzle) trees, some over 1000 years old, add to the idyllic landscape waiting to be explored.

Nestled amidst a spectacular sprawling 22-hectare estate is the exceptional &Beyond Vira Vira. Immersed in a beautiful park with natural lagoons, flowing rivers, and sensational views of the Villarrica Volcano, luxurious grounds boast both a magnificent lodge and Hacienda with beautifully appointed suites and villas. A modern working farm, organic vegetable garden, and state-of-the-art cheese factory complete the estate that is set just outside of Pucon, Chile. Freshly grown produce is sourced from the farm and used to create award-winning Chilean-inspired menus.

Guests can enjoy myriad exploits, hosted by knowledgeable and engaging guides, including trekking in the national parks; horseback riding in the cordilleras; scenic helicopter flights over the Villarrica Volcano; skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing or snowmobiling in winter. The list is seemingly endless with fly fishing, mountain biking, and a variety of water sports. All excursions are specifically tailored according to your interests and fitness levels.


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