Visenso, Luxury Travel Ambassadors

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A boutique agency of travel ambassadors focused on clients who live and breath the essence of luxury, Visenso 

Visenso comes from a desire to offer a tailor-made service with a fresh look at luxury travel. They call themselves Luxury Travel Ambassadors, as they are the face of their partners in-market and thus the best way they know how to do that, is by igniting all 5 Senses. Like the Visenso team, their partners believe that genuine hospitality is all about exceeding expectations and creating vivid experiences.

Visenso offers its portfolio a boutique, Maverick & no-nonsense mentality. They believe business should be done with honesty, transparency and integrity, and their unique network of contacts concur. They are risk-takers, adventurers & trailblazers. They like to be on the go face to face with travel designers, ready to seize opportunities by listening to their client's needs.

As for their luxury trade show partners, Visenso practices a  'Handholding' approach. They work side by side to create the most memorable travel experiences. Their partners are hand-picked in order to stay relevant and continue to inspire with the best destination expertise and encourage off-the-beaten-path itineraries. Through their experiences, they want travellers to ignite their senses in authentic ways, and they make sure their time and energy are invested in delivering a hand-holding service.