VIT Travel


Creativity and expertise for Italy, France, Belgium and Luxembourg

People can easily spend a week traveling and never interact with anyone but the concierge and their travel companions. Travel should be about cultural experiences and human interactions, not just boxes to tick and selfies to publish. That’s why VIT Travel's itineraries combine iconic sights with one-of-a-kind experiences that connect your customers with authentic people and places.

They create travel itineraries and adventures for individual travelers and groups, entirely based on their needs and personal interests. Their team is made up of a variety of seasoned travel professionals who are passionate about their country and provide that kind of insider knowledge that guarantees truly priceless memories.

VIT Travel aims to exceed expectations by using our inventiveness and knowledge of the destination to design special itineraries and activities that uncover Italy and France at their most authentic. In doing so, we always make sure that these travel experiences are both meaningful for your customers and beneficial for the local communities.

You can rest reassured that we don’t use customization and authenticity as an excuse to charge absurd fees. We have no intermediaries and work directly with drivers, guides, restaurants, and hotels all over Italy, France, Belgium and Luxembourg.