Watch and Cow


Luxury crafted tours of Switzerland

Visitors have been visiting Switzerland for over a century are still dumbfounded by so much diversity in such a small space.

To offer real added value to people wishing to immerse themselves in one or another typically Swiss image, Watch and Cow offer various adventures with a specific theme as a common thread.

What makes these trips so exciting is having the opportunity to meet people related to the chosen theme. For example, take the Swiss watch manufacturers tour, Pierre Jaccard, the President of the company, is a long-time friend of Jean-Claude Biver, the most famous man in watchmaking promotion in the world. And moreover, with its many connections within the watchmaking world, visitors will be delighted to take advantage of it. Additional pleasure, the accompanying guide is a person from the branch. Thus, a week in his company between Geneva and Biel, in the middle of the meadows, forests, and lakes of the Jura, they will receive a fascinating introduction to Swiss watchmaking. 

Watch and Cow specializes in extraordinary travel experiences for small groups with 6 thematic tours Switzerland.