Welcome Beyond


Welcome Beyond: Hand-picked boutique hotels and holiday homes

Welcome Beyond is a carefully curated collection of some of the most beautiful and unique holiday homes and small boutique hotels worldwide, each handpicked for its remarkable architecture and captivating design.

Welcome Beyond targets style-conscious travelers who regard shelter as a meaningful part of their experience. They strive to offer extraordinary accommodations that create unforgettable memories for discerning travelers. Each is singular, memorable and definitely worth writing home about.

In order to reflect the unique nature of a property and the passion of its owners, they conduct a personal interview with each one of them. The interviews go beyond the obvious, giving guests a feel of the history of the place, its architecture, its location, and of the people running it. It’s a much more personal impression of where and with whom they will be staying than just plain facts. 

Welcome Beyond was launched in October 2010 by two Berlin-based brothers, Chris & Oliver Laugsch, who’ve spent their lives exploring, studying and working around the globe. In addition to a lot of genes, they share a fundamental insight about travel – that where you stay is as vital to the experience as what you see and do.

Photos provided by the property, including: Petrina Tinslay, Francisco Nogueira, Stefan Bogner & Mike Karlsson Lundgren.