Wide Open Baja

Trail blazing with Wide Open Baja

Wide Open Baja sets the benchmark for extreme adventure travel. Guests on a Wide Open Baja excursion are given an opportunity to drive a race prepared Baja Challenge Car.

The basis for all of Wide Open Baja’s excursions is the cars that guests are taught to drive. The vehicle itself is $100k race-prepared dune buggy.  These vehicle are not made to look like the real thing, they are the real deal.  The vehicle are no different from the vehicles of the same class that are raced in some of Americas toughest off-road challenges.  With a top speed over well over one hundred and forty kilometres per hour off-road, a Wide Open Baja excursion is not for the faint of heart.

Wide open Baja operates from two separate locations; Cabo San Lucas and Ensenada, Baja. Each location offers the same styled trips from morning excursions all the way to a 4-day adventure.  Each experience is run with professional guides as well as a full support crew for the longer trips.

With a helmet on and seated in open vehicle going at speeds deemed too fast for most European highways, a Wide Open Baja excursion will definitely leave a memorable impression.


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