Windows to Japan


Enabling travellers to have intimate encounters with Japan’s fascinating culture

Windows of Japan's extensive knowledge, contacts, and personal connections have been established during many years of living and working in Japan. This puts them in a unique position to open up more windows and provide more tour options, through which you can encounter a Japan that exists far beyond the known attractions and away from the usual well-beaten tracks. Their welcoming guides and friendly, efficient management team are always on hand to support each stay and to help to turn the journey in Japan into an unforgettable encounter. In Japan, there is a title given to those who dedicate their lives to honing and perfecting a single craft.

Keeping their focus wide, paying attention to the smallest details coming from all sides, noting all elements and components involved from start to finish, these shokunin make original, solid and singular pieces of beauty, flavor, and design. Windows to Japan find these artists inspiring, and strive to emulate their passion through crafting one-of-a-kind, whole-cloth tours, custom made for each traveller.

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