World Experience

spain & portugal – DESTINATION & Experience MASTER

World Experience - The art of connecting people to destinations through unforgettable stories

World Experience is WE, an adventurous agency driven by a profound love for exploration. Their journey began in Barcelona, expanding to Madrid and Lisbon, firmly establishing themselves as a premier name in southern European tourism.

Their mission: to design groundbreaking leisure experiences for those seeking more than a typical trip. They cater to travellers who understand that a journey is not just reaching a destination, but a self-discovery voyage immersed in diverse cultures.

Tourism is transforming. Value is no longer about lavish stays but meaningful experiences shared. Authenticity, connection, experience—this defines today's destinations.

The global tours and activities market, valued at $183 billion in 2019, is ripe for change. Like major hotel chains before, World Experience is at the forefront of a new era: global experience brands.

At WE, they lead this change, crafting unique paths in Barcelona, Madrid, and Lisbon. They offer unforgettable experiences blending local culture, cuisine, and diverse destinations.

Their goal is to redefine travel. They envision every journey as an opportunity to discover, learn, enjoy, and connect. Every story embodies humanity, transforming a visit into a lasting experience. At WE, they believe tourism is more than seeing a place; it's living, feeling, and understanding it. WE aims to offer travellers unique, memorable, and transformative experiences.