XPERISUS - Experience Japan's intrinsic values and essential richness.

Since 2017, XPERISUS has been crafting exclusive programs across Japan, fostering collaborations with esteemed entities such as World Heritages, temples, shrines, museums, and prestigious global brands like LEXUS and GQ. Remarkably, 90% of their programs remain confidential, accessible solely to their member agents who can explore XPERISUS’ exclusive collection of hundreds of original experiences.

XPERISUS stands as a Japanese luxury experiential DMC, curating over 250 high- value-added "five-star experiences." While there is no shortage of "three-star restaurants" and "five-star hotels," few companies consistently generate "five-star experiences" throughout Japan. XPERISUS pride themselves on being the creators of bespoke experiences and travel organisers, introducing innovative ways to savour the essence of Japan. Their core value is that their original tailor-made experiences heighten guests' "five senses" and elevate their lifestyle.

There are three major competencies that set them apart from other DMCs in Japan:

1. Extensive Program Portfolio: Offering more than 250 high-quality programs, XPERISUS’ original experiences surpass those of other DMCs in both quantity and uniqueness.

2. Deep Ties to Cultural Heritage: XPERISUS maintains strong personal relationships with Shrines, Temples and local businesses that are seclusive to their community. This relationship allows them to have exclusive programs that only they can create. Their programs are built on these special interpersonal connections, a particularly significant aspect in the Japanese context.

3. In-House Dynamic Creation and Sales: Beyond being a DMC, they function as both program organisers and operators. By internally creating and managing their luxury programs, they provide clients with more flexibility and customizable plans tailored to their preferences, thanks to their in-house driven, high-speed rotation of "creating" and "selling."