Near Space: The New Frontier by Zero2Infinity

The dream of space travel has been an iconic vision of interstellar exploration and science fiction fancy in the heart of every child and many adults. While technology and advancement have allowed us to place men on the moon and sat satellites in orbit, even a rover on Mars, thus far the general public has not had the opportunity to explore outer space themselves. With the Bloon project operated by the Zero2Infinity corporation, in the very near future adventurers seeking near-space experiences will find their dreams coming true.

The concept of Bloon is an uncomplicated yet intricately planned expedition to the real final frontier. Utilizing a helium-filled balloon sail to propel the Bloon’s ascent, the entire Bloon system is safe and ecologically friendly. Guests will enjoy the ride of a lifetime in luxury accommodation, with private ensuite facilities and panoramic views of the world below. Built for travellers of every age and condition, the Bloon system quietly elevates its passengers above the clouds and into the atmosphere of mystery that envelops our planet.

When guests schedule a Bloon adventure, their trip offers far more than a simple balloon lift into near space. Arriving in Spain by airplane, each guest is transported to the nearby Bloon launch site via an environmentally friendly vehicle. Once each guest arrives at the Zero2Infinity facility, they are checked into a luxury hotel offering the height of ecologically conscious accommodation. Bloon then provides gourmet dining and lounge areas for socialization and discussion about the upcoming flight. Spend the night sleeping underneath the stars thanks to your retractable circular ceiling.

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