Movis Private Tours


Movis Private Tours will let you discover the beauties of the Adriatic, the Balkans and Central Europe

Movis Private Tours is a tour operator situated in Slovenia, in the very heart of Europe. This company is specialised in exclusive and highly personalized tailor-made tours for individuals, as well as for organised groups. This kind of tours is suitable mostly for travellers who expect a high level of freedom, attention and service from the first request to the last day on the tour. At Movis Private Tours, every traveller is treated individually and with the aim to get all the travel details right in order to prepare a tour that will suit all his needs. Each itinerary created by Movis Private Tours is unique and created upon travellers requirements and wishes and all partner hotels are carefully selected and offer a special travel experience. Movis Private Tours sees travelling as a way of discovering, understanding, and learning about the destination the guests are visiting. A strong belief of the team is that the discerning traveller can get a much better experience and explore the region with its local traditions, culture, and everyday life on a private tour than they would on their own, or with a large group of tourists.

Movis Private Tours consider the Adriatic, the Balkans, and Central Europe their home and that is why they know it so well. These countries are among the most interesting parts of the world with diverse cultures and rich history, full of lively cities and great natural sights such as blue Adriatic sea, emerald green alpine rivers and lakes with the colourful countryside. And what is even more important, these are regions of warm and friendly people.

In addition to private tours, Movis Private Tours specialize in special interest tours, including culinary tours, family tours (family vacations, family heritage/genealogy tours), art and architecture, photography, shopping, spa, offshore and day tours, garden (nature observing) tours, and unforgettable honeymoons.